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Belmont Landscape has the expertise and ability to transform your backyard into a unique, outdoor living experience that fits your lifestyle. Our team of building and maintenance professionals will oversee your project from start to finish. We will create an outdoor space that is a beautiful extension of your home and a perfect area for entertaining family and friends. See examples of our work in the Image Gallery below.


We specialize in...



  • Water features

  • Stone Walls

  • Arbors and Trellises

  • Walkways / Patios

  • Driveways

  • Water Features / Fire Pits

  • Outdoor Dining

  • Coordinating all phases of landscape construction



Landscape lighting will enhance the look of your home by highlighting the unique architectural features of your home, the bark & foliage of specimen trees, as well as the natural textures of water features, stone work and vegetation, while offering a sense of security to you, your family and guests.  By choosing quality, long-lasting fixtures installed by our experienced professionals, you gain all of these benefits while avoiding the hassles of never ending maintenance fees.


After investing considerable time and money in creating your outdoor living space and landscape you will want to get the full day as well as evening’s value out of them.  Outdoor landscape lighting, such as such as spot lights, path lights, wall lights, and step lights, allows you to reap a full return on your investment, enabling your outdoor spaces to find a second life in the night.



Proper watering is crucial to maintaining the health of new or established lawns, as well as to make sure your planting beds thrive. Irrigation helps to activate fertilizers and keeps plants happy.  Our experienced irrigation installers can set up your system to provide the most efficient use of water for your property’s unique site conditions (exposure to sun & wind, soil type, and drainage).  We can also install small drip tubing for potted plants on patio or porches.



Hot summer months can cause stress for your lawn and plantings, which can make them more susceptible to pest and disease.  Avoid the worry and choir of dragging the hose around as part of your daily routine with a properly installed irrigation system that will apply the right amount of water to the right spot.  Irrigation is especially important as resource conservation is so critical to us all.  

Image Gallery

Masonry: Fire Pits & Hearths

Fire Pits & Hearths
Image Gallery


        - Fire Pits & Hearths


        - Outdoor Kitchens


        - Walls & Steps


        - Paving & Patios

  Water Features


Fire Pit (4)
Paving (1)
Fire Pit (1)
Hearth (4)

Masonry: Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens
A back patio
masonry - kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen (2)
Outdoor Kitchen (1)

Masonry: Walls & Steps

Walls & Steps
Swimming Pool (3)
Swimming Pool (2)
highgate back patio after with flowers
fields back patio
41 oakridge
dan image 4
Masonry (3)_edited_edited
A back patio
Masonry (8)
21 lasall front walkway
Masonry (12)

Masonry: Paving & Patios

Paving & Patios
A back patio
21 lasall drive and walk
Masonry (6)

Water Features

Water Features


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