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Design Process:

Home Consultation & Design Proposal: 


For the initial site meeting our landscape designer will visit your property to discuss ideas for future improvements to your property.  This visit will include a property-walk in which you may acquaint the designer with the site and convey your main goals for the project including your wish list for site improvements, what activities you would like to accommodate in your yard, and any stylistic preferences.  After the initial home consultation our designer will compose a design proposal that will outline the scope of work and basic services to be performed.  The basic services are described in the following three phases…


Phase I:  Existing Conditions / Base Plan:


Upon approval of the proposal, the designer will conduct an inventory and analysis of the existing conditions of your property, by taking site measurements and photo-documenting the area of work.  If possible, the client shall provide a plot plan from the town’s assessor’s office or any relevant documentation (including existing architectural plans, engineering plans, or site surveys that may be available) for the purpose of drafting the base plan.  

Disclaimer:  The base plan of existing conditions is for design and estimating purposes only.  A stamped drawing from a certified land surveyor may be necessary for construction.


Phase II:  Preliminary Design: (Review Meeting)


The designer will produce a preliminary design that incorporates the information gathered from the home consultation, the design preference check list, and the site survey.  Once the preliminary design has been drafted the designer will email a PDF of the plan to the client for review.  After you’ve had a chance to review the documents we can schedule the follow-up appointment. The preliminary landscape design will be presented to you along with relevant images of plants and/or materials specified in the design.  This review and discussion will establish a final direction for the project.  


Phase III:  Design Development (Revisions & Final Plan):


The designer will proceed to develop the plan by incorporating design solutions and making revisions which address questions and comments from the review meeting.  The standard proposal includes one review meeting and one round of revisions (to a specified limit of hours).  Once the necessary revisions have been made the designer will email a PDF of the final plan to you. 

Landscape Plans:
Plant Image Sheets:
Site Features:
  • 3D Renderings


  • Plant Identification / Garden Consultation


  • Plant Selection at Local Nurseries


  • Project Management


  • Cost Estimating

  • Master Landscape Plans


  • Detailed Plans (Materials, Site Layout, Lighting, Planting)


  • Plant Lists (botanical names, sizes, etc.)


  • Images Sheets (Plants & Materials)


  • Color Rendered Plans

3D Renderings:


Depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the site, a varying amount of detail may be required.  Most projects will include the following information within the final plan.


Materials & Layout:

Proposed materials and site elements as specified in the “scope of work” will be located, identified, and dimensioned on the plan. An image sheet will be provided as necessary to illustrate materials, products, and other site features specified in the design.


Planting Plan, Plant List & Plant Image Sheet:

The planting plan will include an inventory of existing plants to remain & to be removed.  An analysis of site conditions will determine the plants best suited for the site.  The plan will identify proposed plants by genus, species, size, and location, as well as the layout of planting beds.  The plant list will include the quantity, botanical/common name, and size of proposed plants.  A separate plant image sheet will include photographic images of each type of plant specified in the design.

Belmont Landscape’s Design Service is here to help you realize a new vision for your outdoor living space.  Whether you are looking to improve a single area with a new patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit; or you are considering the addition of a swimming pool or sports court, our in-house designer will draft the detailed design drawings or a master landscape plan that will bring the elements of your property together into a comprehensive whole.  


We will develop a plan to enhance your outdoor living experience by taking your needs, lifestyle, and preferences into account.  It’s often said that improvements to the outside of your home is an investment that can increase the value of your property, but the real value will come from enhancing the beauty and enjoyment you feel when you are home.

Design Services:

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