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"Your men did a great job and I appreciate them.

Thank you for a job well done."

~ Amy O.

"Thank you Belmont Landscape!

I can't believe this is our yard!"

~ Meg C.

"Thank you Belmont Landscaping for providing all of the manpower necessary to complete the landscape upgrade project and weekly maintenance required to make our brokerage event a success. Belmont's last minute property patrols and sweeping of the garage areas were invaluable, obviously first impressions are extremely important and you understood that.By all indications, the broker event was a success for Jerry and New Boston Fund, with Belmont Landscaping providing an important service with respect to the perceived management and physical appearance of the property. Please thank everyone involved on my behalf. Thanks again for your assistance."

~ James, Property Manager

"The Acton Garden Club sponsors an annual business landscaping competition to promote town pride and to recognize local businesses that make an extra effort to beautify and maintain their business location. We are pleased to notify you that the Strawberry Hill Building was judged winner in the "Best Professional Building" category."

~ Cathy, Garden Club President

"Thank you for choosing Strawberry Hill Building as the Best Professional Building in your landscaping competition. New Boston Management Services takes pride in keeping their office building in clean and attractive condition. This summer was hotter than usual and it was a challenge to Belmont Landscaping, our landscaping contractor, to maintain the property to the level we strive to achieve. Thank you and we will continue to make Strawberry Building an attractive building on Great Road."

~ Tony, Property Manager

"Thank you for a wonderful job! Your men are excellent- and very friendly and polite. I will recommend your company to everyone I know."

Marjorie W. 

"I must say it is a pleasure doing business with you and your company; for your prompt and courteous, considerate response - and for the meticulous work of your tree and landscape crew!! Consider me a life-time customer!!"


~ Ann A.

"I am writing to tell you that we are planning a move. Ed and I are very appreciative of the care and attention Belmont Landscaping has devoted to our property over the past two years. Our yard has been beautiful!! Thank you to you and your crews. We will pass along your name to the new owners and urge them to call you. Again, thank you!"

~ Mary L.

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our landscape design and installation! I'm not sure we are worthy of such a beautiful yard."

~ Kelli C. 

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